Value added service; it is our commitment to the customer.

We go the extra mile to be your one stop shop in the plastics industry.

We pride ourselves on being experts at what we do. From our precision machine operations to our attention to detail during the sub assembly of your parts, we commit ourselves to every detail of the process. We can offer design assistance in the earliest stages of the product life-cycle to helping you to coordinate the drop shipment when the product is complete.

TSI Plastics is a close-knit organization that provides immediate response to your every need. Our structure provides direct authority to the representatives who serve our customers. This provides a unique situation that enables us to provide the lead times our customers require.

TSI Plastics recognizes the urgency of our customers' needs and is prepared to react accordingly. In order to provide Just-In-Time service, we must be capable of offering the complete range of services our industry requires. Having that ability, TSI Plastics is able to be more responsive to delivery requirements.