TSI Plastics – committed to supplying the best services to our customers.

Service is the key to superior customer relations.

We provide high capacity, fast turnaround production of Injection molded plastic parts and custom designed molds from our state-of-the-art injection molding facility. As a close-knit organization, we are proud to say that we deliver immediate responses to your every need.

At TSI Plastics we offer a comprehensive array of services and products – but our specialty is customers who would answer yes to at least 2 of the questions below:

• Do the demands of your product require consistent high quality plastic parts?
• Do you need a supplier that can respond quickly to changing deadlines?
• Do you manage multiple inventories of custom parts and would like a way to simplify your life?
• Would access to an expert in plastics and manufacturing speed or improve your designs?
• Do you typically run smaller numbers of parts at one time (less than xxx) and would like a supplier that specializes in that?

At TSI Plastics we assure that the proper materials, equipment and tools are available to do every job well. We will also establishing a clean, safe and efficient workplace to accomplish the tasks assigned. At TSI Plastics our service is to take your design from beginning to end. If you require a fully integrated supplier of plastic injection molded components on very short lead times for prototype, development, pre-production build, or for low volume production use, we are the company for you.

Some of our main services are in the following fields:

• Aerospace
• Aviation
• Medical Supplies
• Medical Equipment
• Food Service Appliances
• Filtration Devices Components
• Electronics

TSI Plastics offers a complete range of services including injection molding, plastic injection, design engineering, rotation molds, insert molding, transfer molding, compression molding, hand lay-up molding, computerized production, working with complex contours and shapes, optimum resin control, part trimming, painting – hand spray or booth and many more.

Check out our Material section for more details: Materials List.