We believe that Quality is our way of delivering you exceptional plastic products.

At TSI Plastics we emphasize quality in the goods we produce and use a stringent process to verify and determine that our products and services exceed our own as well as our customer’s requirements and expectations.

perryjohnsonTSI Plastics is certified to AS9100 by Perry Johnson Registrar. Using the AS9100 guidelines and a process-driven approach, with specific steps involved, allows us to define and attain goals of quality assurance. This process provides established objectives and procedures we then adhere and require of ourselves.

The dedicated team at TSI Plastics is able to ensure that what we produce for you is of superior materials and matches precise specifications required by your project, thus allowing us to deliver the premium quality you require. From the raw materials used in manufacturing, the actual assembly, or the inspection processes used, we take great pride in our work for you. To see our list of processes click here.


Every project receives the necessary attention required to ensure all manufactured parts exceed the requirements set forth in the beginning stages. Whether it is hand inspection, stress requirements, or microscopic inspection we strive to assure the products we make will meet or exceed your expectations.