We offer specialized fabrication processes to work with acrylic, poly carbonate, nylon, teflon, and all epoxy and phenolic laminates.

It is a diverse industry, both in the products we produce as well as the processes we use, the range is vast. TSI Plastics will work in any type of non-metallic material and specialize in working with Acrylic, Poly carbonate, Nylon, Teflon, and all epoxy and phenolic laminates.

Most importantly, we use our expertise in material selection and process options to help you with both the design and engineering process as well as providing the best materials to use in the production of your parts.

We maintain in-house facilities for CNC programming, tool design, and fixture manufacturing as well as mold fabrication capabilities. Through the use of computer aided manufacturing CAM and CAD programs to facilitate our manufacturing process to ensure the most precise products for you standards. We can produce any type of industrial plastic parts in small or large quantities in a wide variety of the processes. We guarantee the highest quality and timely delivery of your industrial fabricated plastic needs.