TSI Plastics uses a wide range of injection molding as well as high engineered plastics.

TSI Plastics has the knowledge and equipment to work with complex, high engineered plastic materials such as Ultem, Noryl, Ryton R4, Peek, Torlon, Vespel, and many others.

Although we specialize in the above complex high engineered plastics, we also work with many types of general purpose plastics such as Nylon, Teflon, Lexan, Delrin. While not limiting ourselves to plastic in-general, we also work with other non-metallics such as phenolic laminates, soft urethane, different types of foams, rubbers and woven fabrics. We will use our past experience and expertise to help you choose the best materials for your project.

Plastics materials list used in our production of plastic parts and assemblies:

• Delrin
• Ultem
• Noryl
• Ryton R4
• Peek
• Vespel
• Lexan
• Phenolic laminates
• Soft urethane
• Filled engineered thermoplastics
• Non-metallic materials
• Acrylic
• Polycarbonate
• Nylon
• Teflon
• All-epoxy
• High glass resins
• Thermo plastics
• Unidirectional tapes
• Woven fabrics
• Randomly oriented fiber matt
• Chopped strand
• High strength fiberglass reinforcement
• Composite materials
• Wet or pre-preg lay up parts
• High pressure laminates
• Closed cell foams
• Hard rubber
• Pressure sensitive