TSI - Quality Plastic Products and Customer Service . . .

We work closely with our customers' engineers and purchasing agents, often suggesting plastic materials and processes to use in the production of their parts. At TSI Plastics we have implemented Total Quality Management throughout the company. We strive to use all the sound process management tools and techniques to maintain and continually improve our Total Quality Management System.

TSI Plastics is a close-knit organization that provides immediate response to your every need. Our structure allows for direct authority to the representatives who serve our customers. This ensures a unique situation that enables us to provide the lead times our customers require.

TSI Plastics recognizes the urgency of our customers' needs and is prepared to react accordingly. In order to provide Just-In-Time service, we must be capable of offering the complete range of services our industry requires.  Having that ability, TSI Plastics is able to be more responsive to delivery requirements.

Our Lean Enterprise System

The Lean Enterprise System (LES) is a continuous improvement system developed by aerospace and defense prime and tier-one contractors. The LES helps suppliers build new capabilities that will enable them to better support the emerging needs of their customers. The LES also helps establish a culture where lean production principles and standard work are applied in all areas of an organization to ensure sustained improvements in delivery and quality, while reducing lead time and cost.

TSI Plastics Inc., is a leading supplier of integrated performance parts for aerospace systems, as well as parts for aviation and defense applications throughout the world. Since its inception, TSI Plastics has upheld its commitment to quality and customer service, while providing integrated systems that help improve upon the safety and performance of its markets.

TSI Plastics is certified for the following processes under the listed federal government specifications:

• AS9100 Certified
• ISO9001 Certified
• Sampling procedures per MIL-STD-1916