We at TSI Plastics offer a wide range of assembly & secondary operations.

TSI Plastics offers secondary operations from inserting & sub assembly to painting, parts marking & silk screening. This helps us to be your one-stop-shop for plastic needs.

At TSI Plastics we offer several secondary operational services to help better serve our client's needs. By provide these services we hope to add value for you our customers, and help expidite the finishing of your project by handling these extra services in house.


Sub Assembly:
TSI has the capability to assemble any hardware and is certified by Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Click Bond to perform any aerospace bonding operation necessary.


Ultrasonic welding of inserts Inserting:
TSI has the capability to install inserts in the molding process, ultrasonic welding of inserts, heat staking of inserts or bonding of inserts onto any non-metallic parts that we produce.


TSI Plastics has a complete secondary painting operation using hand spray and booth techniques. We also partner with a paint house that has been certified by Boeing, Honeywell, Lockheed and Rockwell Collins.


part marking
Part Marking:
TSI Plastics has just implemented a Videojet inkjet marking system. This system is capable of part marking on any surface, any color and with hundreds of different font sizes.


Silk Screening:
TSI Plastics silk screens on parts for display panels, directional boards and any sub-assembly that requires secondary lettering.


TSI Plastics is capable of Mil Spec packaging to protect any delicate parts. We have automated capabilities to streamline any production packaging necessary.